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Default Controls & Setting up Your Controller

VisualBoyAdvance comes pre-installed with default controls to plug and play straight out of the box. As there is two variants developed, the Classic VBA emulator and the latest VisualBoyAdvance-M, both designed and released with different default keybindings.

Users wanting to know more about button configs or even how to setup your PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo controller on Visual Boy should find this page useful.

Classic VBA Controls

The classic/original VisualBoyAdvance version created by Forgotten, such as the 1.8 0 Beta 3, uses the following default controls.

  • A – X
  • B – Z
  • L – A
  • R – S
  • Start – Enter
  • Select – Backspace
  • Directional Pad – Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows
  • Speed Up – Space
  • Toggle FullScreen- ESC
visualboyadvance default controls

To change the default controls, go to Options > Joypad > Configure > 1 (You can configure up to 4 controllers) and change the button outputs to your liking. Once configured, hit the OK button to save the changes.

Latest VBA-M Controls

For VisualBoyAdvance-M or VBA-M, the default controls are slightly different than it’s predecessor and can be viewed below.

  • A – L
  • B – K
  • L – I
  • R – O
  • Start – Enter
  • Select – Backspace
  • Directional Pad – W,A,S,D
  • Speed Up – Space
  • Toggle FullScreen- F11

To change the default controls on VBA-M, go to Options > Input > Configure > Select the Player controller you would like to make changes to and once configured, hit the OK button to save the changes.

Setup Controller on VisualBoyAdvance

VisualBoyAdvance automatically detects your controller within the emulator. As noted above, the VBA-M controller buttons are already pre-configured.

To change and setup your controller, close VBA first and then plug in the controller via USB. Launch VisualBoyAdvance and go to Options > Input > Configure. Now select clear and click on the empty spaces with the specified button afterwards to set it. Save your controller buttons by hitting OK.

Configuring VisualBoyAdvance with a Nintendo Pro controller

Now load your GBA ROM and enjoy playing Game Boy Advance games with your controller.