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VisualBoyAdvance is the most popular Game Boy Advance emulator with multi platform support.

About Us

VisualBoyAdvance was created in 1999 by the developer named Forgotten. After the release of version 1.8 beta 3 in 2004, development of VBA stopped and the emulator was handed over to the VBA development team, led by Forgotten’s brother.

Many independent developers continued to improve the emulator, but they had no form of unison in order to release the emulator in one place. Although the different versions were an improvement, more focus was needed in order to put all the different improvements from different developers in one piece of software.

Eventually, VBA-M was created in 2007, which merged several of the forks into one codebase. Thus, the M in VBA-M stands for Merge. VisualBoyAdvance-M or VBA-M is the current improved fork of the original Visual Boy Advance and is the recommended version users should download.

This website (visualboyadvance.org) has been made to promote the app with added support and guidance. In addition to keeping the project alive and preserving the legendary Game Boy classics. Here you will get perfectly compiled sections on everything related to Game Boy and getting the best experience whilst using VisualBoyAdvance.

Who Is It For?

Gamers, retro enthusiasts, Nintendo fans and anybody wanting to immerse into the Game Boy Advance world. VisualBoyAdvance allows you to get the best experience whilst playing your favourite Game Boy games from the past. With support for Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, VBA is a fully functional GBA emulator with tons of features to customize and emulate GB, GBC or GBA files.

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