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Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Mac OS

Mac users looking to experience the nostalgia of classic Game Boy Advance titles will be delighted to learn that VisualBoyAdvance is a powerful GBA emulator with full support for MacOS machines. A Game Boy Advance emulator able to emulate GameBoy Classics, Color and Advance files.

Here we will list a step by step guide on downloading, installing and setting up Visual Boy Advance, the best GBA emulator on a MAC computer.



The setup is fairly simple and requires no third party tools or strenuous configurations to install, only a MAC computer and the VisualBoyAdvance dmg file.

Click on the the download button on the upper right corner or by clicking on this link. You will be directed to the main download page, now click on Download again, under the MAC section and you will be presented with the latest MacOS release.

visual boy advance mac
gba emulator mac

After the download, click on VisualBoyAdvance.dmg file to open. Some might receive a “visualboyadvance-m” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. 

If you do receive this error. Open the Finder app and right click on VisualBoyAdvance-m and select Open. Click on Open again and your VBA will launch successfully.

visualboyadvance mac
visual boy advance mac
visual boy advance mac setup

Now that you have successfully installed our GBA emulator you can emulate GameBoy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance files.

How to Load ROMs

Ready to get started with your Game Boy Advance gaming? All you need to do is download the ROMs and open them in VBA! (Download GBA ROMs here)

To begin, head to File and select either Open… for GBA files, Open GBC for Game Boy Color games or Open GB for classic Game Boy titles.

Then simply locate your downloaded game file, click ‘Open’ and let the fun commence!

how to load roms on mac

Additional Options and Features

At Visual Boy Advance, our Knowledge Base is full of useful information and helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of VBA. Our manual includes guidance that can help you on your journey, and if you ever have any issues, our troubleshooting page is your go-to source for help.

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