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Visual Boy Advance for Mac or VBA-M Mac for short, is an improved fork of the original Game Boy Advance emulator and the latest official version (2.1.9) to play on Mac OS. Download VisualBoyAdvance and drag the file over to your Applications folder to install. Make sure to right click and then Open to run the dmg file. Get the detailed installation guide on Mac here.


  • It is compatible with GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and GameBoy Advance ROMs.
  • Joystick support.
  • Speed up key.
  • Autofire support.
  • Screen capture support.
  • It has Import or export functionality of native saved games from the other emulators.
  • It has full save state support.
  • It has super GameBoy and Super GameBoy 2 border and color palette support.
  • It has full-screen mode support.
  • Graphics filters to enhance display such as 2xSal, Super 2xSal, Super Eagle AdvanceMAME, Motion blur, and Pixelate.
  • GUI skinning support.
  • It newly added HQ3x/4x pixel filters and GameBoy linking over LAN and the internet.
  • GameBoy Printer emulator.
  • Real-time IPS patching.
  • It also allows recording the audio and video, which is only supported by VisualBoyAdvance and its versions.
  • It includes hacking and debugging tools like loggers, viewers, and editors.
  • It supports the GameShark, GameBoy Advance, and Code Breaker Advance cheat codes.

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Freeware / GNU GPLv2

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