Visual Boy Advance White Screen

A lot of users reported that they receive a white screen on VisualBoyAdvance when opening a Game Boy Advance Rom and on this article we will learn how to fix the White Screen issue on Visual Boy Advance.

visual boy advance white screen
Visual Boy Advance White Screen Error

How to Fix VisualBoyAdvance White Screen

1.Outdated Version

There are quite a number of solutions users can try, however 90% of the time, it’s because of an outdated version of Visual Boy Advance. Make sure to download the latest stable VBA emulator, follow our install instructions and then load your ROM again. If the same error occurs, continue below.

2.Corrupted ROM File

Users still experiencing the white screen issue on Visual Boy Advance even after downloading and installing the latest version could perhaps have a corrupted ROM file. Try re-downloading a different ROM file from our GBA ROM section or, alternatively from a third party site.

Your white screen issue should be resolved, but for those unable to manage to fix it, use our contact us page and we will try to assist remotely.