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army men advance rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Army Men Advance is about 2 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 8 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Taking control of Vikki or Sarge where you will have to guide them through twelve levels of top-down plastic-melting mayhem.

The most powerful weapon on the green army is the bazooka/missile launcher.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

For detailed instructions per device, view below.

Download the official Army Men Advance ROM in the (USA and European) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBA ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the Army Men Advance ROM or GBA file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

Additional Information

Army Men Advance is a top-down shooter video game developed by DC Studios and published by the 3DO Company exclusively for Game Boy Advance. Much like Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes, the story has General Plastro and his army of tan figurines have decided to take over the world and it is up to Sarge and reporter Vikki Grimm to thwart the conquest.

Throughout the game, the player is required to rescue team members, infiltrate tan bases, escape from a jail, investigate an extra terrestrial presence, and retrieve communications equipment. The player can choose to play as either Sarge or Vikki, but the quests for each are identical and once a character has been chosen it is impossible to switch to the other unless the player wants to start again from the first mission. After a mysterious object falls from the skies and is taken by the Tan Republic, Sarge and Vikki are sent to investigate.

The main objectives of the game are; One, infiltrate area 41 to use the portal to the real world. Two, find and rescue Riff from tan troops in the real world. Three, find way outside through the bathtub. Four, find and rescue Scorch. Five, find access codes to capture the base in the garage then return to the plastic world. Six, reclaim captured base from the Tans. Seven, return to area 41 and stop General Plastro from using the alien ship.

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Army Men Advance

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North America: June 5, 2001
Europe: June 15, 2001


Top-down shooter


DC Studios


Game Boy Advance


USA, Europe


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