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Dragon Dance rom

When focusing on the main objectives, Dragon Dance is about 1 Hour in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 6 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Dragon Dance features 100 levels, with a boss level every ten levels in which players defeat a dragon deity.

You can download the Dragon Dance rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

For detailed instructions per device, view below.

Download the official Dragon Dance ROM in the (USA) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBA ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the Dragon Dance ROM or GBA file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

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Dragon Dance (released in Japan in 1998 as Pocket Color Block) is a 2000 action game for the Game Boy Color developed by Natsume and published in the United States by Crave Entertainment. The game is a paddle-and-ball game similar to the arcade video game Breakout.

Compared to Breakout or Arkanoid, Dragon Dance is an action game in which the player uses a paddle to bounce a ball to clear several rows of blocks. Dragon Dance features several special features. The paddle is a dragon that elongates when moved and shrinks when stationary, encouraging players to constantly move the paddle.

The game features a number of power-ups, including to stop time, to change the ball’s direction in play, create a blocking net or shoot fireballs. The game features 100 levels, with a boss level every ten levels in which players defeat a ‘dragon deity’ using the same techniques as on other levels, with the boss also moving and firing back.

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Dragon Dance

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Japan: 18 December 1998
North America: 30 September 2000






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