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Dragon Warrior Monsters rom

When focusing on the main objectives, Dragon Warrior Monsters is about 20 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 25 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

First you have to clear F class in the arena. This opens the bottom area of GreatTree. There will be some stairs that lead to the Starry Shrine. Talk to the old man inside and he'll let you breed monsters and hatch eggs.

You can catch one in the second Goopi gate or in the Gate of Extinction. Breeding one is easier, just do any monster from the Devil family with any monster from the Dragon family. Alternately, breed a 1EyeClown or Gremlin with any monster from the Zombie family.

Beat Durran, then get to the special Family Maps (areas where only monsters of a specific family will appear). Find the Slime Family map and go to a level near the end. You should be able to find Metabbles here. If you have an amazing amount of attack or any of a few attacks that can pierce Metallic Immunity, you can take out Metabbles before they flee. One metabble is worth over 20000 experience when you have 3 monsters, possibly over 60000 when you have only one monster.

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Dragon Quest Monsters, released in North America as Dragon Warrior Monsters, is the first video game in the Dragon Quest Monsters series. It was released in Japan by Enix on September 25, 1998, and co-published by Eidos Interactive in Europe and North America in 2000. It was the first Dragon Quest game to be released in Europe. The game cartridge is compatible with both the black-and-white Game Boy and the Game Boy Color; a second printing of the game was made after the Game Boy Color itself was released.

The game was remade for the PlayStation in a compilation Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 Hoshi Furi no Yūsha to Bokujō no Nakamatachi. The game follows Terry as he attempts to save his sister. Instead of fighting in battle, Terry is able to recruit monsters into his party. When fighting random battles, Terry can set out meat, which may coax the monster into joining the party at the end of the battle. Terry can also breed two monsters, combining them into a new, stronger monster. Excess monsters can be placed on the Farm, a storage place for monsters.

They can be picked up or dropped off and there is an option to put monsters at the farm to sleep, which allows them to maintain their wilderness level, but not grow in level. There can be 19 awake and 19 asleep monsters at any one time. A monster’s wilderness level lowers as Terry trains them, which makes them more likely to participate in battle. By leaving monsters at the farm awake, they become more wild. In the days before Dragon Quest VI, when Terry and Milly were just children, a strange monster appeared one night and snatched Milly away.

Soon after, another monster, similar to the kidnapper, appeared and told Terry his sister was kidnapped by the evil Warubou. He informs Terry that his name is Watabou and must accompany him to the Kingdom of GreatTree. After his arrival, Terry met the King and received Slib the slime, his first monster to train. If Terry wins the Monster Trainer’s Starry Night Tournament, he will be granted a wish. So Terry sets out with his team to explore the many monster dungeons to win the tournament and rescue his sister.

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