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Driver 2 Advance rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Driver 2 Advance is about 5 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 10 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

There are a total of 30 missions in Driver 2 Advance.

Secret Car In Las Vegas

Take the first street to the right and keep on going. Turn left to get into the Tropicana area. Take the second street to the right and then the first one to the left. Follow the S-shaped road and stop at the crosswalk. Look to the left to see a building and a gate. Follow the building with the 4 cones in front of it to find an open gate at the end of that building. Enter the gate and you'll see the switch next to a fence at the end of the building. Get out of your car and use the switch to open the gate near the crosswalk that you saw earlier. Drive to the area you just opened. The secret car is behind the building in front of you.

Secret Car In Havana

Drive towards the tunnel in the west part of the city. Just before the tunnel is an exit to the left. Take that exit and keep following the road until you come to a wall. Turn right and when you reach about one third of the entire street, you'll see a switch to your right near some trees. Get out of your car and hit the switch to open a secret area. Get back into your car, turn around and and drive down the road you just came from. The gate is now open, so drive in and ignore all the exits. Drive to the end, take a right turn and keep driving, taking turns to the left. When you get all the way down, turn left and then right and then left again. Follow the tunnel to the end to find the secret car on a platform. You'll find the switch to the right of the platform, on the wall.

Secret Car In Chicago

Drive towards the north, to the Wrigleyville area and find Wrigley Field. Go to the northwest corner of the park. Stop your car and get out of it. Walk to the spot with the Tickets sign and press triangle to open an area in the southeast area of the park. Walk back to your car and drive to the southeast area. Drive through the open gate, drive over the jumping thing and then get out of your car. Climb the jumping thing, go to the right and follow the path to the secret car.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

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Additional Information

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Driver 2 (also known as Driver 2: Back on the Streets and as Driver 2: The Wheelman Is Back in North America) is a 2000 action driving video game and the second installment of the Driver series. It was developed by Reflections Interactive and published by Infogrames for PlayStation. A port to the Game Boy Advance, titled Driver 2 Advance, was released in 2002, developed by Sennari Interactive and released under Infogrames’ Atari range of products. The handheld version adapts the storyline of the original but cuts it down heavily, while presenting the gameplay in a graphics engine tailored to the portable platform.

As in the original, the player controls undercover cop Tanner, who investigates the murder of a Brazilian criminal, leading him facing both a Brazilian gang as well as the Chicago mob. The story is mainly told through cutscenes that employ stills from the rendered scenes of the original, with dialogue adapted in accordance with the cut-down story. While the original moved through four cities, only two remain in the GBA version: Chicago and Rio de Janeiro.

Gameplay still takes the form of individual missions that have to be taken on in order. Goals vary between quickly moving to a certain location on the map, following another car, ramming a car to stop it, tailing a car without being seen (neither moving too far away nor too close) and pick-up and delivery jobs. The cities are rendered in texture-mapped 3D, with cars and pedestrians displayed as sprites. Some of the game’s missions are direct adaptations from the original, while others are completely new. The Chicago and Rio map layouts are much simplified compared to the original.

Besides the main Undercover mode, the two cities can be freely explored in Take A Ride mode. The game also includes the same five mini-games as in the PlayStation version, involving ramming a car, losing a police tail, following a path set out by traffic cones, a checkpoint race and a demolition survival. The game also includes four-player-multiplayer via link cable, with four exclusive modes: checkpoint and cross-town racing as well as free-for-all (solo) and cops-n-robbers (team-based) survival.

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