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Family Feud rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Family Feud is about 1 Hour in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 3 Hours to obtain 100% completion.
StudioHow to Unlock
Studio 2 (Karn, '02-'06)Get every right answer on the second singles round.
Studio 3 (Anderson, '99-'02)Get every right answer on the double round.
Studio 4 (Combs [pre-Bullseye], '88-'92)Get every right answer on the triple round.
Studio 5 (Dawson, '76-'85)On Fast Money, get 200 points as the first player.

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Additional Information

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Family Feud is a simulation of the TV game show of the same name. Two families will compete against each other to choose the most common answers to questions such as “Things a jockey needs”, or “Clothes that don’t go on hangers”. More than 1000 questions are included.

The 2006 edition has both standard and quick games. The standard game contains 5 rounds. In rounds 1-4, two people are selected, one from each team, who compete to buzz in a common answer to the question on the board. The team that wins control then has to figure out the other common answers, earning a strike for any answers that are not common.

If any common answers remain after that team’s third strike, the other team has a chance to steal all the points for that round by guessing an unrevealed answer. In rounds 3 and 4, the stakes are higher. In round 5, two people from the winning team work together to find common answers to questions before time runs out. The quick game has just one family, who has to guess the common answers to a question. Finding all answers earns bonus points.

The standard game can be played against the computer, another player on the same computer, or over the Internet. Answer questions by typing them out or using the on-screen keyboard; the computer will recognize word variations and some misspellings. A family editor is included, which lets you edit body type and clothing. By playing the game, new clothing options and studios will be unlocked.

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Family Feud

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North America: October 12, 2006


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Atomic Planet Entertainment


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