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game watch gallery 4 rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Game and Watch Gallery 4 is about  Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 37 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

In all games except Boxing and Donkey Kong 3, you get a star for 200, 400, 600, 800, and 1000 points in each difficulty (in one game) on both Modern and Classic. This allows for a total of 20 stars from each game for a total of 200 stars.

There are 14 locked games. They are unlocked by collecting stars, which are rewarded every time 200 points are scored in a game. The maximum amount of stars that can be earned in each game is five. The first five games feature both Modern and Classic modes, but the rest can only be played in Classic. The last nine will be displayed in the museum upon unlocking them.

  • Chef - Collect 5 stars
  • Mario Bros. - Collect 20 stars
  • Donkey Kong - Collect 35 stars
  • Octopus - Collect 50 stars
  • Fire Attack - Collect 60 stars
  • Manhole - Collect 80 stars
  • Tropical Fish - Collect 90 stars
  • Mario's Bombs away - Collect 100 stars
  • Parachute - Collect 110 stars
  • Bombsweeper - Collect 120 stars
  • Climber - Collect 130 stars
  • Safebuster - Collect 140 stars
  • Lifeboat - Collect 150 stars
  • Zelda - Collect 160 stars

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Additional Information

Game & Watch Gallery 4, known as Game & Watch Gallery Advance in Europe and Australia and Game Boy Gallery 4 in Japan, is the fourth in a series of compilations of the classic Game & Watch games made between 1980 and 1991, and the only one to be released on the Game Boy Advance. Like the previous incarnations in the series, the featured games have both Classic modes, which attempt to recreate the looks of the original units as faithfully as possible, and Modern modes, which feature Mario characters along with all-new graphics, all-new gameplay, and music.

The Japanese version was originally unpublished, then released on the Wii U’s Virtual Console in 2016.Game & Watch Gallery 4 features 11 Game & Watch titles in its main roster of playable games, six of which are available from the start and five of which are unlocked by obtaining stars.

Five of the games are new, while six return from the previous Game & Watch Gallery compilations, two from each one: Fire and Octopus from the first game, Chef and Donkey Kong from the second, and Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Jr. from the third. Additionally, nine extra games are accessible from the Museum and are unlocked initially for viewing, but eventually if a set number of stars is collected, they can be played in Classic Mode only.

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Game and Watch Gallery 4

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Europe: October 25, 2002
North America: October 28, 2002




TOSE Software Co.


Game Boy Advance




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