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When focusing on the main objectives, Lady Sia is about 5½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 12 Hours to obtain 100% completion.
Slash your way through 23 lush levels full of monsters, demons, and assorted perils.

As Beast-Sia, use the "ground pound" move. Jump, then press DOWN on the D-pad several times, then let him charge you.

You are not tapping fast enough! Tap the A button faster!

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

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Additional Information

Lady Sia is a platform game with action-adventure elements made by RFX Interactive for the Game Boy Advance. It was published by TDK Mediactive, released in the USA on October 15, 2001, and released in Europe on October 19, 2001. Lady Sia is one of the few original games produced by RFX Interactive. The game takes place in a fantasy world where the player assumes the role of the She-Ra/Xena-esque warrior princess, Lady Sia. It is her task to defeat the T’soas, a race of creatures created by the evil warlock Onimen who has declared war on the other realms.

Her quest leads her through four different realms, the last one being the home continent of the T’soas themselves. A sequel was planned for the GameCube and GBA in 2003 but was cancelled due to TDK Mediactive being purchased by Take-Two Interactive that same year. Lady Sia is a traditional platformer with action-adventure elements. As such, players have to watch out for numerous enemies as well as make sure not to fall off of the platforms. 

The world Sia must cross is divided into four areas, each of which are divided into four levels, a main boss fight, and a bonus level. Levels focus on either fighting or acrobatics. Sia has three lives per level, but the player can temporarily acquire more by collecting gems. If the player loses a life, he or she must restart at the beginning of the level or at the last checkpoint. Checkpoints are found halfway through each level and usually depicted as golden whirlwind images that turn into an image of Sia when activated.

If all lives are lost, Sia is “thrown in jail” and the player receives ten seconds to decide whether to restart the level or quit. Onimen, a powerful warlock, found ancient magic in the continent of Callyge. He used the magic to create a race of half-human/half-beasts known as the T’soas. Using huge turtles to transport his new army over the sea, he invaded the continent of Athorre, the human kingdom, and quickly took control. The remaining realms did not know how to react and their leaders forsook their military alliances. The only one convinced of the need to act was the young Queen of Myriade, Lady Sia.

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Lady Sia

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North America: October 15, 2001
Europe: October 19, 2001


Platformer, Action-Adventure


RFX Interactive


Game Boy Advance




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