Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang ROM

Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang is about 5 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 10 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Emerald. It features a new story, a new region to explore, many new Pokemon, including evolutions to existing Pokemon and Fakemon, many optional areas to explore and much more.

You can download the Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

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Additional Information

Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang is a GBA ROM Hack by ocean based on Pokemon Emerald in English. It was last updated on January 01, 2023.

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20 years ago, an army of beasts ravaged the region of Ohkai. But as the beasts were about to close in on the capital Valenta City, they suddenly retreated. In the present day, a corporation named XACCESS has brought great technological progress and a miraculous recovery of an Ohkai once gripped by destruction and despair.

The protagonist is personally scouted by XACCESS to join their “Task Force”, a special division that carries out all sorts of interesting, amazing, and secret missions. However, there are those across Ohkai that distrust XACCESS and cause problems that bring them and the Task Force face-to-face.

At the same time, XACCESS seems to have a lot of secrets under the hood. Just what does XACCESS hide? What is the goal of those who revolt? And why did the beasts suddenly disappear?


  • A completely new story that breaks away from the usual formula.
  • A new region to explore – the Ohkai region.
  • A custom soundtrack with many, many new songs.
  • Many new Pokémon, including evolutions to existing Pokémon.
  • New moves and abilities.
  • Raising Pokémon is simplified – there are no IVs or nature stat boosts.
  • The Revophone, allows you to play music, call other characters, and more.
  • Improvements to the battle engine to better match the latest generations.
  • Complete revamps of UI elements across the game.
  • Many optional areas to explore.
  • Improvements to the battle engine to better match the latest generations.
  • Honey trees and Berry trees.
  • Decorate your apartment with all kinds of interesting items!
  • You can ride a Moped to traverse the terrain in a different way.
  • Your Pokémon can destroy objects without HM moves thanks to the Poké Pager.


v1.0.2 (2023.01.01)

  • Mystroll, Gigantroll moveset changes
  • Fixed Mama Judy healing bug
  • Encounter rates lowered throughout the game
  • Repels now buyable at the Pokémon Center after first visit to Mellow Meadow completed
  • Revives now buyable at the Pokémon Center after visit to City Sewers completed
  • Fixed collision of flower in Valenta City
  • Fixed collision of cliff in Mellow Meadow (south)
  • Fixed visible border in Topglace Tundra
  • Fixed incorrect Swimmer sprite on sunbed at Lockshore Beach

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Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang

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World: January 01, 2023






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