Pokemon Aquamarine ROM

Pokemon Aquamarine rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pokemon Aquamarine is about 25 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 80 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pokemon Aquamarine is a ROM hack of FireRed that takes place in Manta, an entirely new region based off South America. The player character mysteriously turns into a Mew, and takes on a journey as a Pokémon trainer to figure out how to turn back to a human.

HM06 Rock Smash can be obtained at the Scald Spa. You need to go to Sol Island for that via the Tri Pass.

HM 07 Waterfall can be obtained at the ice cave near Port Aurora. This is post-game and you need the Rainbow Pass.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

For detailed instructions per device, view below.

Download the official Pokemon Aquamarine ROM in the (USA) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBA ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the Pokemon Aquamarine ROM or GBA file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

Additional Information

Pokemon Aquamarine is a ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed created by AquamarineVaporeon. It was last updated on November 21, 2023.

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Pokemon Aquamarine is a ROM hack of FireRed that takes place in Manta, an entirely new region based in South America. The player character mysteriously turns into a Mew and takes on a journey as a Pokémon trainer to figure out how to turn back to human.


Pokémon Aquamarine opens with the player character having a strange dream. A ghostly figure named Ilex claims that the player has turned into a Mew, and must embark on a journey to return to their human body. The plotline of the game diverges whether the player chooses to play as a boy or a girl. As a boy, the player turns into a regular Mew. As a girl, the player turns into a Shiny Mew.


  • New Region based off South America
  • New Subregions based off Hawaii, Galapagos, and Antarctica
  • Sci-Fi story with a diverging plot depending on gender
  • All 411 species of Pokémon are obtainable without the need to trade
  • Certain Pokémon from newer regions up until Paldea will appear
  • Custom Fakemon include a hummingbird line, a dolphin line, and a tortoise line
  • Updated mechanics, including the Fairy Type and the Physical/Special Split
  • Updated Pokémon learnsets to include a more diverse set of moves
  • Newer gen moves with custom animations
  • Expanded bag storage
  • Dynamically changing Pokémarts based off number of badges
  • Items from newer games include Bottle Caps, Nature Mints, Ability Capsules, and Choice Items
  • TMs have infinite uses
  • HMs can be forgotten
  • HMs and certain TMs can be used by the player character Mew as field effects
  • AMs (Ability Machines) can be used by the player character Mew as field effects
  • Key Item that provides hints for next objective, suggests level caps, and spawns unlimited rare candies
  • Key Items that provide services such as EV/IV checking and Move Tutoring
  • Color-Coded Natures
  • Pokédex accurately shows Pokémon locations and stats
  • Quality of life changes from newer games
  • Decapitalized most in-game text

Additional Features

  • Past and Future versions of certain maps
  • Static encounters for every legendary
  • Guaranteed Shiny Pokémon encounters
  • Different endings depending on what choice you make at the Elite Four, allows player to bypass having to save at the Hall of Fame to access post-game
  • Special Shiny Pokémon based off spin-offs/anime
  • Fossil revival brings back alternate versions of the fossil Pokémon
  • Special paradox event inspired by Yume Nikki

More Info

  • There are multiple variants of this game, the only difference being the title screens and the Pokemon your rival chooses:
  • Opal- Eevee
  • Aquamarine- Vaporeon
  • Topaz- Jolteon
  • Garnet- Flareon
  • Amethyst- Espeon
  • Onyx- Umbreon
  • Turquoise- Leafeon
  • Quartz- Glaceon
  • Zircon- Sylveon

Changelog V3.0

Item Changes:

  • Increased Bag Capacity
  • Increased character limit for item names
  • Regional delicacy added: Empanada
  • Pokémarts dynamically update items based off badges
  • Pokémarts have item salesman, Pokéball salesman, and Berry saleslady
  • Pokémarts have working vending machines
  • Complimentary Premier Ball for buying 10 or more Pokéballs
  • Updated stock for Crater Dept. Store
  • Nature Mint added, able to change a Pokémon’s nature
  • TM12 Taunt acts as a VS Seeker
  • TM28 Dig lets you escape from caves
  • TM29 Psychic gives you objective hints, level caps, and access to rare candies
  • HM01 Cut lets you cut grass and trees
  • HM02 Fly lets you Fly
  • HM03 Surf lets you travel through water
  • HM04 Strength lets you move boulders
  • HM05 Flash lights up dark caves
  • HM06 Rock Smash lets you smash rocks
  • HM07 Waterfall lets you climb waterfalls
  • AM01 Impostor allows you to transform into a human temporarily
  • AM02 Drizzle summons rain
  • AM03 Drought summons the sun
  • AM04 Sand Stream summons a sand storm
  • AM05 Snow Warning summons hail
  • AM06 Cloud Nine clears the weather
  • AM07 Stench gives you 150 steps of Repel
  • AM08 Honey Gather acts as a Sweet Scent
  • AM09 Pickup acts as an Itemfinder
  • AM10 lets you nickname Pokémon
  • Item Storage App lets you access PC Item Storage
  • Daycare App lets you access Daycare
  • EV/IV App lets you see your team’s stats
  • Move Tutor App lets your team relearn moves
  • Fossil revival reworked, allowing for revival of Root and Claw fossils
  • Reward given for defeating all trainers on Floot Island
  • Fake ID given new sprite
  • Nest Ball replaced with Love Ball
  • Net Ball replaced with Moon Ball
  • Repeat Ball replaced with Quick Ball
  • Dive Ball given Lure Ball effect
  • New evolution items added

Pokémon changes:

  • Added Hisuian Zorua/Zoroark, Kleavor, Ursaluna, Annihilape, Iron Bundle, Iron Thorns, Iron Jugulis, and Iron Valiant
  • Re-Introduced Anorith/Armaldo and Lileep/Cradily
  • Scyther evolves into Kleavor with a Black Augurite
  • Scyther evolves into Scizor with a Metal Coat
  • Onix evolves into Steelix with a Metal Coat
  • Ursaring evolves into Ursaluna with a Peat Block
  • Tortot evolves into Tortalus with Black Augurite
  • Tortot evolves into Tortremor with a Peat Block
  • Tortot evolves into Tortress with a Metal Coat
  • Tortot evolves into Tortasty with a Whipped Dream
  • Swirlix evolves into Slurpuff with a Whipped Dream
  • Eevee evolves into Sylveon if Charm is learned
  • Piloswine evolves into Mamoswine if Ancient Power is learned
  • Tangela evolves into Tangrowth if Ancient Power is learned
  • Primeape evolves into Annihilape if Shadow Punch is learned
  • Porygon2 evolves into Porygon-Z with a Dubious Disc
  • Sneasel evolves into Weavile with a Razor Claw
  • Gligar evolves into Gliscor with a Razor Fang
  • Feebas evolves into Milotic with a Prism Scale
  • Rhydon evolves into Rhyperior with a Protector
  • Male Kirlia evolves into Gallade with a Dawn Stone
  • Female Snorunt evolves into Froslass with a Dawn Stone
  • Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed with a King’s Rock
  • Seadra evolves into Kingdra with a Dragon Scale
  • Clamperl evolves into Gorebyss with a Deep Sea Scale
  • Clamperl evolves into Huntail with a Deep Sea Tooth
  • Electabuzz evolves into Electivire with an Electrizer
  • Magmar evolves into Magmortar with a Magmarizer
  • Linking Cord evolves trade evolutions, including Haunter, Machoke, Kadabra, Graveler

Battle Changes:

  • Re-added Charm, adding it to the learnset of several Pokémon
  • Trainers used for EV Training found in early-game and mid-game
  • Macho brace given after beating Gym 1
  • Gym Leaders given updated battle movesets
  • Weather Sisters are able to be battled before post-game

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Reworked Electric gym to not use trash puzzle
  • Reworked Ice/Grass gym
  • Added method to buy second fossil not obtained in Mt. Ande
  • Pokédex reorganized based off region and evolutionary lines
  • Added other uses for Bottle Caps, including IV randomization
  • Replaced Channelers with Hex Maniacs
  • Replaced Psyduck overworld sprite with Eevee
  • Updated sprites for Paula and Miror B.
  • Updated palette for male and female player character
  • Added overworld sprite for Ball Guy
  • Bill and Celio replaced by Turo and Sada
  • Changed Turo’s favorite Pokémon list
  • Text changes to streamline longer dialogue
  • Misc. tile fixes
  • Misc. text fixes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug with Flare Blitz animation causing game to crash
  • Reworked guaranteed shiny script to prevent crashing

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