Pokemon Castform Killed my Father ROM

Pokemon Castform Killed my Father rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pokemon Castform Killed my Father is about 35 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 60 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pokemon Castform Killed my Father is a GBA Rom Hack by Samu based on Pokemon Emerald in Spanish. Your father, the Pokemon Champion was killed right in front of your eyes by a Castform and you are seeking revenge. It features 6 regions, a new adult story, Pokemon from Generations 1 - 9, Mega Evolution, Dynamax, Gigantamax, Z-Moves, Raid Battles and much more!

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Pokemon Castform Killed my Father is a GBA Rom Hack by Samu based on Pokemon Emerald in Spanish. It was last updated on April 01, 2024.

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One day several years ago, your father, the champion of Kanto, was investigating the activity of a dangerous criminal organization when he came across the ultimate Pokémon weapon, Castform. After dying under his bulge, Castform set out to carry out his evil plan for world domination. To do this, it will accelerate climate change, causing extreme climates throughout the planet and thus subjecting the rest of living beings, thanks to its climatic adaptability.

It’s been a long time since that day, but the player, Xander Bleed-Eyes, is finally ready to get revenge on him and save the world by eviscerating the evil Castform. Embark on this exciting and deep adventure, full of blood and maturity, to discover what happens to Xander Bleedeyed and EXECUTE HIS REVENGE.


  • Pokemon from Generation 1 to 9.
  • Includes Pokemon from the latest DLC.
  • 6 Complete Region.
  • New Story.
  • Plot for an adult audience.
  • Mature Gameplay Content.
  • Mega Evolution.
  • Z Moves.
  • Dynamax.
  • Gigantamax.
  • Raid Battles.
  • Teracrystallization.
  • Reworked Combat System.
  • Pang!
  • Castform!


  1. Why 6 regions, can’t you put more?
    After an in-depth market study, I came to the conclusion that the number of regions most requested by the public is 6, probably because they have not yet found out that 3 more regions have been released. They are stupid!
  2. Have you reworked the combat system? Because?
    I was informing myself, and according to all the experts, the main problem with the combat system in Pokémon games is the RNG. For this reason, I have completely reworked the combat system from scratch. Now, it does not have any component of chance and will depend entirely on the player’s skill.
    Warning: The combat system may be too complex for many users in this community.
  3. How did you get such a complete game?
    I have applied rhh expansion, I know, I’m a genius.
  4. What the hell is Pang?
    Play and you will see.
  5. Are you retarded?
    Yes, and you too, for asking.
  6. Castform?

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Pokemon Castform Killed my Father

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