Pokemon Doubles FireRed ROM

Pokemon Doubles FireRed rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pokemon Doubles FireRed is about 35 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 60 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pokemon Doubles Firered is an improved version of the game Firered that introduces exciting double battles from the third generation. This enhancement hack preserves all the original game mechanics, providing players with an opportunity to experience the distinctive features of double battles that were introduced in the first generation of Pokemon games.

You can download the Pokemon Doubles FireRed rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

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Additional Information

Pokemon Doubles FireRed is a GBA ROM Hack by TheLastMudkip based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. It was last updated on May 28, 2023.

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Doubles Firered is an improved version of the game Firered that introduces exciting double battles from the third generation. This enhancement hack preserves all the original game mechanics, providing players with an opportunity to experience the distinctive features of double battles that were introduced in the first generation of Pokemon games.

About Generation 3 Double Battles

Generation 3 doubles battles are distinctive when compared to later generations of double battles. In particular, starting from generation 4, there is a significant mechanical difference that fundamentally changes how doubles battles are played.

One unique feature of Generation 3 doubles battles is that it is the only generation with double battles and no physical special split. Additionally, spread moves like Hyper Voice deal only 50% damage instead of 75% in future generations. However, moves that hit all Pokemon on the field, such as Earthquake and Explosion, have no spread reduction, making them particularly powerful.

Moreover, when a Pokemon faints in generation 3 double battles, another Pokemon is switched into battle immediately, which opens up interesting strategies. For example, if you knock out one of the opponent’s Pokemon, they may switch to another that you can now attack before it gets a chance to attack you. In ideal scenarios, you can even get the legendary four-mon kill in just one turn.

Speed control is also different in generation 3 compared to future generations, as it does not have Trick Room or Tailwind. This makes moves like Icy Wind and weather-setting moves particularly effective. Additionally, Swift Swim and Chlorophyll can be used to achieve a discount Tailwind, which can be quite fun.

Lastly, in generation 3, held berries are consumed at the end of the turn, which means that you can hit a Pokemon twice and kill it before it consumes its Sitrus Berry. In future generations, the Sitrus Berry could be consumed between hits, allowing the Pokemon to survive both hits.


To sum it up, generation 3 double battles are fascinating due to their unique vanilla mechanics. However, there are no hacks available that allow players to explore all of the unique features. This is where Doubles Fire Red comes in.

Doubles Fire Red is designed to provide players with an opportunity to experience the distinctive world of generation 3 doubles within the Kanto region. The hack allows players to choose from all non-legendary Pokemon from generations 1-3 to build their ultimate doubles team. Moreover, all Pokemon have had their level-up move sets adjusted to allow them to learn any generation 3 egg, tutor, or event moves that players might want to add.

Additionally, learnsets have been tweaked to reflect that doubles is the primary game mode instead of singles. This means that trainers also have new teams that create more engaging double battles. Players will encounter powerful boss fights against gym leaders and rivals, and all trainers use the champion AI to ensure more consistent behavior and interesting fights.


  • Every single trainer battle is now a double battle.
  • All trainers have had improved teams and ai to allow for more engaging battles.
  • All non-legendary Pokémon from gens 1-3 are available to catch.
  • All Pokémon have been distributed in a way that gives every Pokémon an opportunity to shine at some point in the game.
  • All Pokémon have had enhanced level-up move sets to give them access to any of the legal generation 3 egg, tutor, and event moves via level-up.
  • Pokemarts and hidden items have been adjusted to allow for more interesting team composition through the use of held items.
  • Rare Candies are purchase able in pokemarts.
  • Move Relearner no longer requires mushrooms.
  • Brand new in-game trades.
  • All move tutors are re-usable.
  • Adjusted level curve

TLDR: Doubles Fire Red changes all trainer battles to challenging double battles using Pokémon from gens 1-3. The unique mechanics of Gen 3 doubles are preserved to allow you to experience this very special metagame.



This patch aims to fix various balance issues and adds various quality of life changes.

Most notably it has added various adjustment to Brock Split for people nuzlocking with Charmander to make that more consistent if you do not get Mankey, Sunkern, or Psyduck as any of your encounters.

Additionally the mid and late game routes have had slight adjustment to make those splits more enjoyable to play.

Various Pokémon have also had slight balance adjustments to make them more usable/optimal in their desired splits.

Also full trainer docs are now available for every trainer you will have to fight.

Patch Notes:

Starter Gift can now be nicknamed

Optional rival fight gives lum berry as a reward

Brock changes
astonish -> confuse ray
rock tomb -> bullet seed

Cut is no longer needed for gym 3 and 4

Repels are now cheaper

Rare Candies now cost 10

Several maps now looks prettier

Routes 19,20, and 21 have been redone to be more interesting to navigate

Curelean City Gym is locked till you visit bill

Marowak in Lavender town is now level 50

Remodeled Giovanni’s gym

All trainer Alakazam fights now have inner focus as the ability

Erika cannot be fought before Giovanni

Charmeleon Buff
– Bite level 18

Beedrill Buff
– Pin Missle level 1
– Endure level 26
– Baton Pass level 33

– Endure level 46

Sandslash Buff
– Crush Claw level 30
– Earthquake level 38

Nidorina/nidorino/nidoqueen/nidoking buff
SLUDGE BOMB level 41

– Reversal level 45
– Endure levl 46

Psyduck Buff
– Evolves level 24

Kabby Buff
– evolves level 26
– Dig level 26

Furret Buff
– Endure level 1

Hoothoot Buff
– Peck level 7
– Hypnosis level 14
– Featherdance level 17

Ledyba Buff
– supersonic level 4
– swift level 8
– comet punch level 11
– safeguard level 12

Ariados Buff
– body slam level 18
– agility level 21
– signal beam level 23
– baton pass level 26
– sludge bomb level 29

Lanturn Buff
– Can no longer have illuminate as an ability

Gligar Nerf
– Swagger level 34
– Earthquake level 37

Beautifly Buff
– GUST, 11
– “STUN SPORE”, 13
– “GIGA DRAIN”, 16

Surskit/Masquerain Buffs
– Evolves level 20
– Silver Win level 20
– Stun Spore level 21
– Pysbeam level 27

Corphish Buff
– evolves level 26


  • Fixed a bug in B1F rocket hideout that causes the player character to duplicate if you open a menu.
  • Updated trainer locations in Mt. Moon, Route 9, Route 24, Rock Tunnel, and Rocket Hideout.
  • Fixed some hidden berries to give the player the correct hidden berry.
  • Manectric and Swalot had there Abilities 1 and 2 swapped. (Trainers will now have Lightning Rod Manectric and Sticky Hold Swalot instead of Static and Liquid Ooze)

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