Pokemon Fools Gold ROM

Pokemon Fools Gold rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pokemon Fools Gold is about 25 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 60 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pokemon Fools Gold is a GBC Rom Hack by celadonk based on Pokemon Crystal. It features all 251 Pokémon redesigned, with new types and movesets to fit.

You can download the Pokemon Fools Gold rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

For detailed instructions per device, view below.

Download the official Pokemon Fools Gold ROM in the (USA) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBC ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the Pokemon Fools Gold ROM or GBC file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

Additional Information


Pokemon Fools Gold is a GBC Rom Hack by celadonk based on Pokemon Crystal. It was last updated on August 3, 2023.

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In Pokemon Fools Gold, all of the Pokémon have been reworked… think Alolan/Galarian forms, for all the Pokemon. All 251 Pokémon are available in-game without trading. All of the trainers and wild encounters have been reworked to fit as well. In addition, there have been a few visual tweaks, and a few new places to explore, too!


  • All 251 Pokémon redesigned, with new types and movesets to fit
  • All wild encounter data changed, to better fit the new designs to the environments
  • All Pokémon available without trading, including trade evolutions and starters
  • A variety of aesthetic changes to the overworld
  • A few new optional areas to explore
  • Shiny rate raised to 1/1028… we wanted everyone to at least run into one shiny throughout their playthrough
  • A few new moves, both from other Pokémon games and original moves



Things added

– Added some new evolutions (from Legends: Arceus and Scarlet/Violet), and a new stone vendor for them

– Added some new Kantonians and Seviians

– Added some new moves

– (Re)added egg moves

– Added some small new areas to Kanto

– Added something special for super trainers

– Added the Figment, a held item which boosts ???-type moves

– Added the Marotte, a held item which boosts Aipom’s Special Attack (replaces the previously unobtainable Light Ball)

– Added the Odd Honey, a held item with an interesting effect… (replaces the previously unobtainable Lucky Punch)

Things adjusted

– Most mons have adjusted movesets, sometimes drastically, based on lots of player feedback (thanks everyone!)

– A lot of mons have new egg groups

– Completely redesigned Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres (I know this may be disappointing for some; the old versions are still available through a password, but are not considered “canon” and are not required to complete the Pokedex)

– Slowbro is now Electric/Steel; Slowking is now Electric/Dark

– Switched Flygon’s types

– Trapinch evolves into Vibrava at Level 23, instead of 35

– Pokedex now shows area for Sevii mons when in Sevii

– Made slight changes to the New Pokedex Order

– More wild Pokemon attempt to flee

– The Pokemon that Adanson/Baoba gives is now based on static internal values, so it should be reset-proof (<3)

– Adanson’s and Baoba’s Pokemon prices lowered

– New Pokedex Order re-sorted more rigorously

– Lorelei now acts as a move deleter

– Rival battle at Pokemon League is higher leveled after facing him in Sevii

– Castform now has no animation for form change

– Made a clearer hint for how to progress the game after Red

– Players now have the option to not enter a password at the start of the game

– Regi puzzle adjusted (talk about killing your darlings…)

– The Day-Care now has a much higher chance of finding an egg every 256 steps

– Changed Snorlax’s overworld sprite

– Added flypoint to Golden Village

– All room decorations unlocked upon defeating Lance; Mom no longer purchases room decorations

– Somewhat less experience is required to level up, making leveling up faster (Medium-Fast exp. group is now equivalent to the old Fast exp. group, etc.)

– Kantonian Muk, Castform forms all share one Pokedex entry and only add one to Pokedex counts

– Female Nidoran line can no longer produce male Nidoran eggs

– Oak’s Pokedex rating is now scaled to Fool’s Gold’s higher dex count

– Bug Catching Contest NPC mons adjusted

– Battle Tower movesets updated to match Fool’s Gold designs

– Updated the intro graphic

– Some sprites polished (front and back)

– Adjusted some shiny palettes

– Adjusted some Pokemon’s menu sprites

– Adjusted some Pokemon’s held items

– Adjusted some wild encounters

Moves adjusted

– Absorb buffed to 35BP

– Hive Siege lowered to 100BP

– Mystery Slam and Mystery Beam buffed to 90% accuracy

– Brainstorm now has a 30% chance to paralyze

– Ominous Wind now has a 10% chance for an omniboost

– Magic Spell now has a 10% chance for an omniboost

– Plasma Bomb now has a 40% chance to burn

– Napalm Shot now has a 40% chance to poison

– AbsoluteZero now has a 40% chance to freeze

– Future Sight now has its modern stats

– All rampaging moves are now 120BP

– Mach Speed now has a 15% chance to confuse

– Apocalypse now halves Special Defense, just as how SelfDestruct and Explosion halve Defense

– Blaze Pepper now thaws the user

– Constrict buffed to 40BP, now has a 20% chance to lower speed

– Possible power values of Hidden Power changed from 31-70 to 51-70

– Removed Slam

Stats adjusted

– Switched Charmander line’s Attack and Spcl.Atk (not Seviian)

– Moved 5 HP, 5 Spcl.Def, and 10 Defense into Attack for Seviian Charizard

– Switched Caterpie’s Speed and Defense

– Moved 20 Speed into Defense for Butterfree

– Switched Nidoran♀ line’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Switch Diglett line’s Defense and Spcl.Def (not Kantonian)

– Moved 10 Attack into Spcl.Atk for Ponyta line

– Moved 20 Speed into HP for Magnemite and Magneton

– Switched Magnemite line’s Defense and Spcl.Def

– Switched Shellder line’s Attack and Defense

– Switched Exeggutor’s HP and Spcl.Atk

– Switched Cubone line’s Defense and Spcl.Def

– Switched Koffing line’s Defense and Spcl.Def

– Switched Tangela line’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Moved 40 Speed to Defense and 40 Speed to Spcl.Def for Kangaskhan

– Moved 10 Attack into Spcl.Atk for Kingdra

– Switched Mime Jr. line’s Defense and Spcl.Def

– Moved 30 Spcl.Atk into Attack for Smoochum

– Moved 10 Spcl.Def into Spcl.Atk for Gyarados

– Moved 10 Attack into Spcl.Atk for Lapras

– Moved 30 HP to Speed and 30 HP to Attack for Vaporeon

– Moved 10 Attack into Spcl.Atk for Flareon

– Switched Omanyte line’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Switched Mewtwo’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Switched Chikorita line’s Speed and Spcl.Atk (not Kantonian)

– Switched Kantonian Furret’s Defense and Spcl.Atk

– Moved 20 HP into Defense for Hoothoot

– Switched Hoothoot line’s Speed and Spcl.Def

– Moved 10 Spcl.Def into Attack for Ledyba line

– Switched Chinchou line’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Switched Togekiss’s Defense and Spcl.Def (not Kantonian)

– Switched Natu line’s HP and Speed

– Moved 5 Spcl.Atk into Attack for Mareep

– Moved 10 Spcl.Atk into Attack for Flaaffy

– Moved 20 Spcl.Atk into Attack for Ampharos

– Moved 10 Defense into Spcl.Def for Marill line

– Moved 25 Spcl.Atk into Attack for Espeon

– Switched Umbreon’s Speed and Spcl.Atk

– Switched Honchkrow’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Switched Unown’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Decreased Dunsparce’s Spcl.Atk to 65 (new BST of 415)

– Switched Qwilfish’s Defense and Spcl.Atk, and its Speed and Spcl.Def

– Moved 40 Attack into Spcl.Atk for Heracross

– Moved 10 Attack to HP and 10 Speed to Defense for Weavile

– Moved 20 Defense into Spcl.Def for Magcargo

– Switched Mamoswine’s Attack and Defense

– Switched Corsola’s Defense and Spcl.Atk

– Moved 10 Spcl.Atk to Speed and 10 Spcl.Def to Defense for Cursola

– Switched Delibird’s Speed and HP

– Moved 30 Defense into Speed for Skarmory

– Switched Mantyke line’s Attack and Defense, and its Speed and Spcl.Def

– Switched Houndour line’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Moved 15 Defense into Spcl.Atk for Phanpy

– Moved 50 Defense into Spcl.Atk for Donphan

– Moved 10 Spcl.Atk to Speed and 10 Spcl.Atk to Attack for Smeargle

– Switched Raikou’s Defense and Spcl.Def

– Moved 15 Defense into Spcl.Atk for Entei

– Switched Suicune’s Defense and Spcl.Atk

– Switched Obstagoon’s Defense and Spcl.Def

– Switched Pelipper’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Switched Surskit line’s Attack and Spcl.Atk

– Moved 5 Attack to Spcl.Atk for Nincada

– Moved 15 Attack to Spcl.Atk for Ninjask

– Moved 15 Spcl.Atk to Attack for Electrike

– Moved 20 Spcl.Atk to Attack for Manectric

– Switched Volbeat’s Speed and Spcl.Atk

– Switched Illumise’s Attack and Speed

– Switched Numel line’s Attack and Spcl.Def, and its HP and Spcl.Atk

– Decreased all of Dusclops’s stats except Speed by 10 (new BST of 405)

– Moved 10 Spcl.Def and 15 Spcl.Atk into Speed for Absol

– Moved 50 Defense into Spcl.Def and 30 Attack into Spcl.Atk for Leafeon

Bugs fixed

– Togepi now evolves into Kantonian Togetic in Kanto no matter its friendship level

– Stairs in Crystal Sanctum now stay open even after wild encounters

– When blacking out after using a Rest Stop, the player now spawns in front of the Rest Stop instead of in the player’s room in New Bark Town

– Mt. Ember no longer has a softlock if you don’t have any Strength-compatible Pokemon

– Biker Paxton in Berry Forest no longer walks through walls

– TM52 in Celadon Game Corner now displays correctly

– Burn, Paralysis, and Poison now affect catch rate

– A number of scenarios in which enemy Special attacks act as Physical no longer happen

– Up-Grade no longer repeats the animation of the last used move upon triggering

– Hurricane’s animation no longer plays twice if the opponent gets confused

– BerserkPunch no longer plays target’s prepped animation when the user gets confused

– Moves that modify two stats (Bulk Up, Tearful Look, etc.) now display and animate correctly if not all stats can be modified

– Clear Smog no longer removes the user’s stat changes in addition to the target’s

– Heart Shield now maxes the user’s Spcl.Def in addition to its Defense

– Close Combat’s defenses drop no longer has a 25% chance to fail

– Corrupt can no longer hit flying targets

– Berry trees in Berry Forest now replenish daily, like other berry trees

– Route 51’s Town Map cursor realigned

– UBs’ types fixed

– Re-alphabetized A to Z Pokedex mode

– Moved Cinnabar Island flypoint in front of PMC

– Fixed trainer levels on Route 46

– Night Slash is no longer a Special move

– Town Map in player’s room no longer shows Sevii locations

– Seviian Venusaur no longer just uses regular Venusaur’s shiny palette

– Minor text fixes

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