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Pokemon GS Chronicles rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pokemon GS Chronicles is about 16 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 50 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pokemon GS Chronicles is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed. It has a New Story, Mega Evolution, Day and Night System, New Pokedex with some Gen 4-6 Pokemon, Time-based Wild Pokemon & Much More!

Unlike the main series games Haunter can evolve by holding Spell Tag and levelling up at Night. You can find all trading items by going to Lake Rage on Route 43 where there is a man in the house that will exchange all trade items to you for Heart Scales.

Riolu can be caught near the Union Cave Entrance but beware it has a low encounter rate so wont appear often.

After beating the Gym in Cianwood City the woman outside will give you Skydive Ride which is this games version of Fly.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

For detailed instructions per device, view below.

Download the official Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM in the (USA) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBA ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM or GBA file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

Additional Information

Pokemon GS Chronicles is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed. It has a New Story, Mega Evolution, Day and Night System, Time-based Wild Pokemon & Much More! It was last updated on June 02, 2024.

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The famous Professor Elm has been busy with several new findings, among them the legend of the miraculous stones that did reach the Pokémon a higher level, due to this resorts to two of his assistants, Ethan/Kris and [Player], to deal with the operation of these, giving them a Pokémon for this. After sending [Player] to pick up a package with Mr. Pokemon, a mysterious red-haired guy steals a Pokemon in your laboratory. Now Ethan/Kris [Player], which received a Pokedex from Prof. Oak, will undertake a travel around the Johto region to complete the Pokedex and know who was that redhead boy and why he stole the Pokemon.


  • A renewed storyline, keeping the essence of the original games.
  • New events never seen before in any GSC remake.
  • Maps based off HGSS ones.
  • Introducing the Mega Evolution mechanics in the main storyline + Z Moves during the Kanto Post game (Maybe Dynamax/Gigamax, idk).
  • RZE tile system.
  • Day and Night system and day/time-based events.
  • Wild Pokémon switching depending on the time.
  • Original soundtrack ripped from HGSS (Initially used GogojjTech’s low-quality music, but I decided to rip them by myself with a way better quality).
  • Phisycal/Special split moves.
  • New Regional Pokedex including 494 Pokémon from first 4 gens + Sylveon.
  • Introducing the PokéRides, Items that replace the outdated HM mechanics.
  • All new Gen 4-8 Moves included, and a few custom moves are included.
  • Type chart updated.
  • New puzzles for some areas.
  • Plenty of updated graphics (like Battle backgrounds, bag, Trainer card, almost everything.)
  • Most trainers use different rosters from original HGSS/GSC to match new Pokedex
  • New locations in Johto and Kanto.
  • Updated battle mechanics to match Gen 8
  • New locations for some Pokémon.
  • IN-battle trainer messages.
  • An almost working PokéGear.
  • Exp. Share and exp. Gain identical to Gen 8 (Item is disabled by default, easy to enable)
  • Mechanics, items, and more are almost updated to match Gen 8.
  • Daily Wondertrade with in-game trainers.
  • Move tutors on every PC.
  • And even more…

Known Bugs

  • The game may crash at times when used in certain emulators, which are known to not be 100% accurate with emulation. These emulators are No$GBA, VBA, MyBoy, JohnGBA, GPemu, Eclip´se, and sadly the virtual console of Nintendo 3DS. It is uncertain if I will ever be able to fix that. Recommended emulators are mGBA, VBA-M, RetroArch, Delta emulator, PizzaBoy GBA and GPSP.
  • Fast forward speed is kinda laggy because of the High quality music mixer using plenty of memory to run. (But we got high quality music, yay!).
  • When using a Poké Ride, the picture of the Pokémon and the cry will be empty/question mark. This is due to it’s pending to find a fix for an issue caused by overwritting a Pokémon of your party to show a different Pokemon’s picture. Visual bug and will not affect any Pokémon from your party.
  • Some overworld tiles and blocks may not be correct. Minor issues to be resolved.

Change Log


What’s new?
  • Finally after years of development, windows are illuminated during the night. yay!
  • New icons of your team in the continue screen, and also a text indicating the current build.
  • Trainer card modified to support 16 badges (Kanto is coming, baby!)
  • Shiny chances is updated to make shiny hunting easier (Thanks to BarelyOats for the changes)
  • Bug fixes as usual
Bugs fixed
  • A Super Nerd and a Lass showing a bunch of random characters instead of their names is fixed.
  • Pokedex crashing in VBA and some emulators (Still, I don’t recommend VBA for this game)
  • Janitor Mask causing the game to crash when scrolling to the item in some emulators (Still, I don’t recommend VBA for this game)
  • WIld Pokémon encounters updated thanks to BarleyOats
  • Ursaluna’s learnset updated to learn TM for Play Rough
  • Team Rocket member at the Hideout with some random Lv 100 Pokémon has been fixed.
  • Some npc’s dialogues were updated and remade.
New oddities in build 2.7.5:
  • The trainer card background may show some visual glitches in emulators like VBA or Delta.


Bugs fixes

  • TM Case no longer crashes in real hardware and iOS emulators (The culprit was a simple graphic which had the wrong size and caused a memory overflow lol).
  • Wild encounters in some areas are corrected. (Credits to BarleyOats
  • Removed the high quality sound mixer and reverted to the vanilla mixer as a possible remedy to fix random crashes.
  • Rocket grunt at the Rocket Hideout that had no team assigned and caused the game to crash after battling him has been fixed.
New oddities in build 2.7.4:
  • Some trainers from the Super Nerd and Lass may cause a visual glitch in their names. Still finding the cause of that visual glitch. Not harmul. and will not cause any issue. (Still no idea what causes that visual error)


Bug fixes

  • Trainers in a few routes using overleved Pokémon that could cause an instant K.O.
  • Poké Rides now show the picture and cry of the first Pokémon of your team, this was made intentionally as  a workaround to prevent crashes when using them. Still working on a proper solution.
  • Bright Ride no longer freezes the game when you don’t have the Zephyr Badge.
  • Light Clay is finally programmed, so now Pokémon that normally hold it will have it.
  • Paldean Tauros should give the correct exp. amount.

New oddities in build 2.7.3:

  • Still finding what causes random crashes only on iOS emulators.

  • Some trainers from the Super Nerd and Lass may cause a visual glitch in their names. Still finding the cause of that visual glitch. Not harmul. and will not cause any issue


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