Pokemon Infernal Legend ROM

Pokemon Infernal Legend rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pokemon Infernal Legend is about 25 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 50 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pokemon Infernal Legend is a GBA ROM Hack by Pokepal17 based on Pokemon Fire Red. It features 3 regions, a new story, 386 Pokemon to be caught, side quests, minigames and much more!

You can download the Pokemon Infernal Legend rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

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Pokemon Infernal Legend is a GBA ROM Hack by Pokepal17 based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. It was last updated on February 18, 2020.

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10,000 years ago Mew created the universe and the world we live in. Mew created the common Pokemon we all see, but also made “legendary” Pokemon to balance out the events in the world. One of the “legendary” Pokemon was Ho-oh. Ho-oh held great power, and amazing agility and was as fast as a jet. It was known as the “Infernal Legend”, a legend of fire so powerful, it could wipe out the entire human race if it desired.
Ho-oh had an adversary called Lugia, who it hated with all its heart. Ho-oh and Lugia waged a war that lasted 5000 years. During that time, Ho-oh, using its God-like power, created 3 warriors – Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. The 3 legendary dogs fought against Lugia alongside Ho-oh. To match the power of Entei, Suicune, and Raikou, Lugia made an alliance with the 3 winged mirages – Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno.
They fought and fought until almost everything Mew had worked so hard to create was destroyed. The other legendary Pokemon stood to the side and let the war happen because they feared that if they got involved, they would be destroyed. After another 500 years, Mew intervened and repaired all the damage. Ho-oh was imprisoned in the sky; Lugia was imprisoned in the sea and the 3 dogs fled across the world, only to be sighted a couple of times.
Mew went back to hibernation. Now to the present day.You’ve been overshadowed by your brother Lance, the champion of the Midao region, ever since you were born. But now the time has come and today is the day you get a Pokemon. Which Pokemon will you choose? What will happen during your journey?
Will you become a professor like your dad or maybe a champion like your brother? But that’s not important right now. There has been a lot of Team Rocket activity around Midao, revolving around a source of great power and your dad! As you leave your little town of Silver Town, your Pokemon adventure begins…


  • 3 new regions – New and old places to explore
  • New rivals – More people to love and hate
  • A new berry system – Watch berries grow and grow
  • Mushroom trees – D/P/Pt Honey Trees on the GBA
  • Minigames – Fun games to play when you’re bored
  • Sidequests – Help people out for some yummy rewards
  • Some familiar faces – Characters from other games make appearances
  • 386 Pokémon catchable – The original Pokémon available for catching
  • Every legendary available – Find these beauties and have unlimited power at your fingertips


  • Some graphics/sprites and item descriptions need changing
  • There are a few grammar errors/inconsistencies and texts that need changing

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Pokemon Infernal Legend

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