Pokemon Robust Red ROM

Pokemon Robust Red rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pokemon Robust Red is about 25 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 50 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pokemon Robust Red is a GBA ROM Hack by PKsPK based on Pokemon Fire Red. Pokemon Robust Red is a difficulty hack. Its gimmick or twist is that every fully evolved Pokemon has a secondary typing (with the exception of Legends, Mythicals, and a select few) (For example: Manetric is an Electric/Fire type, Dodrio is a Ground/Flying type, etc.

You can download the Pokemon Robust Red rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

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Download the official Pokemon Robust Red ROM in the (USA) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBA ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the Pokemon Robust Red ROM or GBA file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

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Pokemon Robust Red is a GBA ROM Hack by PKsPK based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. It was last updated on November 21, 2022.

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Robust Red is a difficulty hack inspired by the likes of Emerald Kaizo, Vintage White, and others! Its gimmick or twist is that every fully evolved Pokemon has a secondary typing (with the exception of Legends, Mythicals, and a select few) (For example: Manetric is an Electric/Fire type, Dodrio is a Ground/Flying type, etc.


  • Pokemon from Gen 1 to 3.
  • Team Aqua in kanto region.
  • Meet hoenn gym leaders randomly in your jouney.
  • Added Brand New areas in the game.
  • Added Brand New forms for Pokemon.
  • Fairy Typing.
  • No Physical/Special split Mode.
  • Implemented Generation 5 Repel System.
  • You can catch almost every non legendary Pokemon.
  • Battle difficulty has been increased for boss and trainer battles.
  • Reusable TMs.
  • Decreased the evolution level for Pokemon (now Pokemon evolves early).
  • You can buy Rare Candies at cheaper prices.
  • Pokemon’s have been Buffed and balanced.



  • Fixed Cinnabar’s Gym
  • Fixed Viridian Tunnel’s Bottom Floor


  • Added some additional text in the Prof. Oak intro
  • Added a custom title screen
  • Made it so that you can no longer leave through Route 2 without the Pokedex


  • Grimer now has a base 75 SpA instead of 40, 60 SpD instead of 50
  • Machoke now has 90 HP instead of 80, 120 Att instead of 100, and 60 Speed instead of 45, 90 Defense instead of 70
  • Machamp now has 105 HP instead of 102, and 145 Att instead of 130, and 100 Defense instead of 80
  • Marowak now has 95 instead of 94 Attack, 80 instead of 65 Speed and 75 instead of 80 SpD
  • Persian now has 85 instead of 75 SpA and 80 instead of 65 SpD
  • Alakazam now has 60 HP instead of 55
  • Psyduck now has 65 HP instead of 50, 85 SpA instead of 65, 80 SpD instead of 50
  • Golduck now has 80 HP instead of 79, and 75 Def instead of 76
  • Krabby now has 85 SpA instead of 25, 55 SpD instead of 25
  • Seadra now has 75 HP instead of 55, 80 Att instead of 65, and 60 SpD instead of 45 and gets Dragon Rage instead of Pulse and Spike Cannon at 25, Liquidation at 36 and Dragon Pulse at 40
  • Girafarig now has 80 Def instead of 95, 110 HP instead of 120
    Girafarig now gets Bite at Level 15, Signal Beam at 18, Psychic Fangs at 22, Crunch at 27, Earthquake at 39, Dark Pulse at 42, Prism Cannon at 54, Dark Missile at 65, Double-Edge at 65
  • Girafarig is now Normal/Dark instead of Normal/Dark
  • Skarmory now has 75 HP instead of 65, 95 Att instead of 80, 85 Speed instead of 70
  • Houndour now has 50 HP instead of 45, 75 instead of 60 Att, 90 instead of 65 Speed, and 85 instead of 80 SpA, 65 instead of 50 SpD
    Swinub now has 75 Att instead of 65, 68 instead of 45 SpA, 57 instead of 45 Def
  • Piloswine now has 90 HP instead of 100, 100 instead of 115 Attack, 75 instead of 80 Def, 90 instead of 95 SpD and SpA
  • Kecleon now has 95 Att instead of 110, 75 Def instead of 70 and 90 SpA instead of 60
  • Mamoswine now has 90 Def instead of 80, 75 Speed isntead of 60, and 100 SpA instead of 70
  • Removed the “Dream Eater” move tutor
  • Roxanne’s Anorith now has Sludge Bomb instead of Brick Break
  • Brawly’s Poliwrath now has Liquidation instead of Bubble Beam
  • Fixed the Hidden Power description
  • Made Secret Power 75 instead of 70 BP
  • Made Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Shadow Sneak,
  • Made Bone Rush 20 instead of 25 BP
  • Made Extreme Speed and Quick Pounce 75 instead of 80 BP
  • Made First Impression 70 instead of 75 BP
  • Made Grassy Glide 60 instead of 70 BP
  • Made Magical Leaf 70 instead of 60 BP
  • Made Super Nerd Miguel’s Sableye have HP Ghost instead of Shadow Punch and his Beedrill have Twineedle instead of Pin Missile
  • Bug Catcher Sammy’s Team is now Level 12 instead of 11
  • Fixed the Lass Crissy battle to be mandatory
  • Made Camper Shane now block your Route 24 encounter until you defeat him
  • Added a gauntlet of trainers on Route 6
  • Made the Saffron Fighting Gym trainers have changed teams
  • Made Lass Haley have a changed team
  • Nerfed Lass Crissy’s Kecleon to have Quick Attack instead of Headbutt and HP Fire instead of Fire Punch
  • Nerfed Lass Crissy’s Heracross to be Lvl 23 instead of 24
  • Added Liquidation move, 85/100, Water, 20% chance to lower Sp. Def
  • Pay Day now is a 60/90 move that hits twice.
  • Persian exclusive
    Iron Tail now does 110 instead of 105 damage
  • Muddy Water is now 80 instead of 85 BP
    Made Fire, Ice and Thunder Fang 70 instead of 75 BP
  • Made Fire, Ice and Thunder Punch 80 instead of 75 BP
  • Thunder Shock is now 55 instead of 50 BP
  • Play Rough now properly has a 20% chance to lower Att
  • Iron Head now properly has a 25% chance to Flinch
  • Aurora Beam: 65 – 75 BP
  • Rock Slide: 75 – 80 BP
  • Diamond Storm: 100 – 110 BP
  • Moonblast: 100 – 110 BP
  • Flare Blitz: 120 – 125 BP
  • Prism Cannon: 130 – 125 BP
  • Poison Jab: 10 – 25% Poison
  • Dark Pulse now properly has a 20% chance to Flinch
  • Fixed Cinnabar Gym blocking you off
  • Ponyta is now part Normal for concistency with its evo
  • Made Doduo and Dodrio Ground/Flying instead of Normal/Flying
  • Made Grimer and Muk Poison/Water instead of Poison/Dark
  • Made Koffing and Weezing Poison/Fire instead of Poison/Dark
  • Made Hitmonchan Fighting/Normal instead of Fighting/Fairy
  • Miltank is now properly Normal/Fairy
  • Weepinbell now gets Bullet Seed at Lvl 18, Body Slam at Lvl 22, and Crunch at Lvl 25, and Sleep Powder at Lvl 36
  • Cubone now learns Headbut at Lvl 1, Bone Rush at Level 8 and HP Ground at Lvl 21
  • Marowak now properly learns Shadow Ball at 36 as well as getting Shadow Punch at 29, Shaow Sneak at 40, AncientPower at 43, Double-Edge at 45, and Head Smash at 55
  • Krabby now learns Aqua Jet at Level 13, Cut at Level 16, Aurora Beam at Level 18 and Rock Slide at Level 25
  • Skarmory now properly learns Sandsear Storm at 45
  • Persian now gets Hypnosis at Lvl 25, Iron Head at Lvl 29, Knock Off at Lvl 32, Body Slam at Lvl 34, Flash Cannon at Lvl 39, Crush Claw at Lvl 41, Iron Tail at 44, Double-Edge at 46, Prism Cannon at 50, and Pay Day at 55
  • Golduck now learns HP Psychic at Lvl 30, Waterfall at Lvl 34, Power Gem at Lvl 37, Psychic at Lvl 44, and Close Combat at Lvl 55
  • Victreebel now gets Double-Edge at Lvl 40
  • Graveler now gets Double-Edge at 30
  • Quilava now gets Shadow Punch at Level 18
  • Houndoom now gets Shadow Ball at Level 32, Flare Blitz at Level 55, and Dark Missile at Level 60
  • Piloswine now learns Ice Beam at Level 35 and Ancient Power at Level 38
  • Mamoswine now has 100 instead of 70 Att
  • Grimer now learns Toxic at Level 6, Aqua Jet at Level 10, Bubble Beam at Level 16, Recover at Level 21 and Ice Punch at 24
  • Muk now learns Waterfall at 31, Hydro Pump at 45, Wave Crash at 55 and Superpower at 60
  • Koffing now gets Headbutt at Lvl 1, Flame Wheel at 14, Crunch at 20 and Sludge Bomb at 24
  • Weezing now learns Dark Pulse at 31, Sacred Fire at 34, Shadow Ball at 37, Wild Charge at 40, Shadow End at 45, Gunk Shot at 48, Explosion at 50 and Flare Blitz at 55
  • Doduo now gets Hi Horsepower at 29 instead of Drill Run
  • Dodrio now gets Drill Run at 51 instead of Gunk Shot
  • Krabby now gets Aurora Beam at
  • Hoppip now learns Air Cutter at Lvl 15 and evolves at the ame level
  • Skiploom now learns Draining Kiss at level 17
  • Spinarak now gets Bite at 13, HP Bug at 16, and Body Slam at 20, is now Bug/Dark instead of Bug/Poison
  • Ariados now learns Crunch at Lvl 25, Dark Pulse at 36, X-Scissor at 40, Gunk Shot at 45, Darkness Ram at 60
  • Mawile now gets Play Rough at 30, Iron Head at 35, First Impression at 39
  • The Leftovers under Snorlax now no longer needs an Itemfinder to get
  • Entire Torchic Line now has Speed Boost
  • Replaced Zangoose with Zangruese, Normal/Poison
  • Redid Stantlight’s Sprite
  • Ivysaur now evolves at 36 instead of 32
  • Meowth now evolves at Level 25 instead of 24
  • Horsea now evolves at 20 instead of 25
  • Made it so that the player now has to beat Erika to get to the Rocket Hideout
  • Made it so that Sabrina now gives the Bicycle to get through Cycling Road
  • Made it so that the player has to defeat Surge to go through Route 9
  • Added Mamoswine (replaces Smeargle)
  • Lorelei now has a Mamoswine instead of Starmie
  • Updated Cyndaquil line’s sprites
  • Bellsprout and Weepinbel now have Overgrow as their second ability, Victreebel has Intimidate
  • Added Viridian Tunnel (north of Route 22) with a second room (strength required) with a mandatory Archie fight and Suicune inside
  • Fixed Spearow in Route 22 being at the wrong level
  • Brock now correctly has HP Ice instead of Grass on his Marshtomp
  • Repels now cost 10 dollars
  • All PKMN are now in the Slow Egg Group to minimize overleveling with specific PKMN

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