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Pokemon Serene Crystal rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pokemon Serene Crystal is about 20 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 35 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pokemon Serene Crystal is a GBC ROM Hack by PeanutellaXO based on Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Serene Crystal is a hack that strives to change up the original Crystal, with new gym leaders and Pokemon from newer generations, alongside new original regional forms!

You can download the Pokemon Serene Crystal rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

For detailed instructions per device, view below.

Download the official Pokemon Serene Crystal ROM in the (USA) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBC ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the Pokemon Serene Crystal ROM or GBC file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

Additional Information

Pokemon Serene Crystal is a GBC ROM Hack by PeanutellaXO based on Pokemon Crystal. It was last updated on April 05, 2024.

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Pokémon Serene Crystal is a hack that strives to change up the original Crystal, with new gym leaders and Pokémon from newer generations, alongside new original regional forms! There have been several QOL improvements that, alongside the new dex, makes for a fun experience! While the story remains largely unchanged, there have been a few minor changes to make some characters feel more coherent. Apart from that, it’s identical to Crystal’s story.


  • A remixed Pokedex, both of old and new Pokémon.
  • Better balancing, with a “fixed” level curve (I tried).
  • 2 new gym leaders, replacing old ones, and an older gym leader has been promoted to a higher gym.
  • HMs can be forgotten at anytime.
  • A lot of Pokémon have had their sprites changed.
  • Various QOL changes, such as being able to run, Pokémon not dying of poison in the overworld and evolutionary stones being available for purchase in Goldenrod.
  • A rebalanced type chart, aiming to buff weaker types, and slightly nerf stronger types.
  • Several weaker Pokémon have gotten stat buffs, and all Pokémon have better movesets. All Pokemon have also had their stats updated to match Gen 7, with the exception of Raichu.
  • Every Pokémon can be evolved without the need for trading. Trade items can be used like stones.
  • There’s no badge boost anymore.
  • The Super Rod will be available in Blackthorn city.
  • Several moves from newer generations have been added.



  • Bug fixes:
  • The entrance to Mount Moon has been blocked off from Cerulean City as before. This means the only way to get to Pewter City is through the Sleeping Snorlax and Diglett Cave. This is to prevent the player from being challenged by Silver, as the interaction is bugged if entering the cave through that side.
  • Interactions with Sage Li should now be fixed.
  • Absol’s Pokedex entry is now fixed.
  • Apricon balls function as intended.
  • Burn, paralysis and poison now affect the catch rate.

    Visual changes:
  • Every Pokemon has a unique menu sprite!
  • The Kabuto and Omanyte in the Unown chambers have been replaced with Phanpy and Chinchou, respectively.
  • Granbull’s sprite has been adjusted, it now uses the Silver sprite as a base.
  • Bombirdier’s, Typhlosion’s, Politoed’s & Floatzel’s front sprites have been fixed.
    Bombirdier’s, Basculin’s & Espathra’s back sprite has been adjusted.
  • Slowpoke’s, Onix’s and Horsea’s shinies have been adjusted.
  • Cottonee, Yamask, Cofagrigus, Milotic, Luvdisc and Alomomola have all had their footprints fixed. They no longer show up as a white box.
  • Ending screen has new graphics!

    Gameplay changes:
  • Added the Move Reminder to Blackthorn!
  • Added Elite 4 + Champions rematch teams to fight after 16 badges have been obtained.
  • Blackthorns layout has been changed slightly. Please go to a Pokemon Centre before downloading the patch to avoid being stuck in walls.
  • The Stones are no longer available in Goldenrod, they have been moved to the Olivine mart.
  • The sick Miltank only requires 3 berries instead of 7 to become fully healthy.
  • Items mom buys have been lowered in price, meaning you’ll lose less of your saved up money when she buys something.
  • Cianwood’s Phanpy Puzzle has been removed, and replaced with a hopping puzzle. I was unable to have the game keep the floors open after completing the puzzle, thus I decided to remove it.
  • Shiny odds have been decreased. Shiny Pokemon that you’ve found before may now not be shiny anymore. Sorry about this inconvenience. (~1/128 > ~1/1024)
  • Ice no longer resists Flying.
    Rock no longer resists Ice.
  • The Swablu with Mail (Kenya) has been changed to a Bombirdier and has recieved a name change (Kayla).
  • Electabuzz and Magmar are now able to be found in the wild in Johto.
  • The TM Endure has been replaced with Nasty Plot. It’s still available in Burned Tower B1F.
  • The TM Dragonbreath has been replaced with Dragon Pulse.
  • Alolan Vulpix can learn Dazzling Gleam via TM now as intended.
  • The entire Nidoran family can learn Dig via TM now as intended.
  • Feraligatr can learn Surf via HM now as intended.
  • Farfetch’d can learn Rock Smash, Hyper Beam, Fury Cutter, via TM now as intended.
    Farfetch’d can learn Fly via HM now as intended.
  • Milotic is now a Water/Fairy type. Alomomola is now a pure Water type.
  • Several Pokemon’s learnsets have been updated.
  • Several’s Pokemon’s catch rates have been adjusted.

  • Several Pokemon have received stat changes to balance them better:
    Venusaur (535):
    95/74/82/95/130/59 > 95/79/82/90/120/69

    Cyndaquil (318):
    55/61/53/55/45/49 > 55/61/43/55/45/59

    Quilava (405):
    66/83/68/66/56/66 > 66/83/58/66/56/76

    Typhlosion (535):
    77/103/83/89/76/107 > 77/103/78/89/76/112

    Nidoking (495 > 505):
    81/92/77/85/75/85 > 81/102/77/85/75/85

    Nidoqueen (495 > 505):
    90/82/87/75/85/76 > 90/92/87/75/85/76

    Marowak (465 > 460):
    75/85/110/50/100/45 > 75/80/110/50/100/45

    Onix (420 > 430):
    45/65/160/30/45/75 > 55/60/160/30/45/80

    Venomoth (450 > 470):
    70/65/60/90/75/90 > 70/75/70/90/75/90

    Lanturn (460 > 470):
    125/58/58/76/76/67 > 125/58/58/81/81/67

    Togetic (405 > 415)
    55/40/85/80/105/40 > 60/45/85/80/105/40

    Sudowoodo (435 > 445):
    80/100/115/30/80/30 > 80/110/115/30/80/30

    Espathra (481 > 486):
    95/60/60/101/60/105 > 95/60/60/101/60/115

    Rival party changes:
    Magnemite > Gligar

    Gym leader party changes:
    (Rage > Bite)

    Yamask > Misdreavus
    (Pain Split, Hex, Perish Song, Psybeam)


  • Bug fixes:
    The Glitch of NPCs turning into jumbled text-blocks has been fixed.
    The warp points in Cerulean City should now work properly.


  • Gameplay changes:
    Chances to find a shiny have been increased significantly.
    Geodude, Flittle, Exeggutor, Electrode. Goodra and Ho-Oh have all had their shinies changed.


  • Several Pokemon have received stat changes to balance them better:
    Golem (495):
    85/120/130/50/65/45 > 85/120/130/45/70/45

    Furret (440 > 450):
    85/76/74/45/65/95 > 85/81/74/45/70/95

    Butterfree (440 > 450):
    70/55/60/95/90/70 > 75/60/60/95/90/70

    Dedenne (441 > 461):
    67/58/57/81/77/101 > 67/58/67/91/77/101

    Arbok (463 > 468):
    65/95/79/65/79/80 > 70/95/79/65/79/80

    Natu (250):
    40/65/65/70/55/25 > 45/60/65/70/55/25

    Xatu (470):
    80/85/100/95/80/30 > 85/85/95/95/80/30

    Electrode (500 > 495):
    60/50/70/85/85/150 > 60/50/70/85/80/150

    Shuckle (505 > 515):
    20/10/230/10/230/5 > 30/10/230/10/230/5

    Venusaur (535):
    100/69/82/95/130/59 > 95/74/82/95/130/59

    Typhlosion (535):
    77/103/83/84/81/107 > 77/103/83/89/76/107

    Feraligatr (535):
    90/123/89/85/78/70 > 95/123/89/80/78/70

    Seel > Basculin-W (460)

    Dewgong > Basculegion (530)


  • Gym leader & Champion party changes:
    Cutiefly > Buneary
    Return, Charm, Double Kick

    Mismagius > Basculegion
    Shadow Ball, Hydro Pump, Pain Split, Crunch


  • The GS Ball event should work properly now. I messed up something in the code which caused it to not work at all.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sprout Tower Sage keeps asking if you want to battle, or keeps giving you the option to get his Natu.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash if Bill’s grandpa asked for a Lickitung, and you give something else.
  • Granbull is now a Fairy/Fighting-type.
  • Granbull, Nickit, Thievul, Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist all have add stat changes to use their STAB types better.
  • All of these Pokemon’s movesets have also been changed.

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