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Pokemon The Fall of Heroes rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Pokemon The Fall of Heroes is about 25 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 50 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Pokemon The Fall of Heroes is a GBA Rom Hack by hacanoca based on Pokemon Fire Red in Spanish. It features a new story about a young boy who wants to become like his idols Red, Brendan and Gold. He travels the 3 regions and finds there is a new organization rising up.

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Additional Information

Pokemon The Fall of Heroes is a GBA Rom Hack by hacanoca based on Pokemon Fire Red in Spanish. It was last updated on April 09, 2024.

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10 years have passed since the events of Pokémon Fire Red and Pokémon Ruby. Red, from Pallet Town, managed to expose and stop Team Rocket and their evil plans, preventing their takeover of the Kanto region. Simultaneously, Brendan stopped Team Aqua and Magma‘s plans, maintaining climate balance in the Hoenn region.

3 years later, Gold made his journey through the regions of Kanto and Johto, in which he managed to stop Team Rocket‘s resurrection plans, thus preserving peace in both regions.

The exploits of these three great heroes were forever recorded in the history of the three regions, allowing them to enjoy a period of calm and peace. Each and every one of them reached the peak to which Pokémon trainers aspire, becoming role models for a whole new generation of young people throughout the world.

You are one of these new trainers, a young man from Ciudad Verde who, inspired by the exploits of all these heroes, aims to travel the three regions and surpass his idols. Taking advantage of this golden era, he begins his journey with other rivals, to achieve his dream and forge a legend so impressive that it makes the exploits of his predecessor heroes fall into the background.

However, the world is not as peaceful as it is thought… Even though no more attacks by Team Rocket have been sighted, the police never managed to capture their leader Giovanni. Based on past experiences, the police fear that soon, this group will be able to resupply enough to attempt a new movement.

Desperate to destroy what remains of the gang and prevent its possible restoration, the authorities are conducting a witch hunt in the Kanto region. You will come across various situations on your journey in which the police abuse their power, and you will have to decide between abiding by the law or supporting the citizens, decisions that can lead you to lose your way.


  • Physical/Special Split
  • Improved outdoor graphics
  • Lots of Characters from Game Freak and the Pokémon anime
  • Mugshots of the main characters
  • Anime pokemon shouts
  • New Midis
  • Multiple Region (Although I’ve only looked at KANTO now, it’s something vital I want to implement in this hack)
  • Measurement of Goodness/Badness within the game (Will affect secondary missions)
  • Gain experience by capturing
  • Infinite TMs
  • B/W repellent system
  • Some attacks after Gen III



  • The 8 Kanto medals are completed as well as the Pokémon League. It ends after passing the High Command of the region.
  • Several of the bugs that were present in Beta 2.0 are corrected, and some spelling errors found are corrected.
  • The point where Beta 3.0 ends leaves you locked in (like Alpha1.0) so I recommend exploring everything you want before you challenge the High Command.


  • Has a range of 6 medals, and ends during the development of the event after the 6th medal.
  • Advancing the story was prioritized rather than continuing to polish the content already covered.
  • Minor aspects such as spelling errors are corrected.


  • Corrected several bugs
  • Improves some systems
  • Includes a better translation into Spanish by taking the CompuMax rom as a base.
  • Added events to the start of the game and improve many others. 

Known Bugs

  • IMPORTANT: More than a Bug, it is a mistake on my part. In one area of ​​the League, the three-Pokemon selection system that the game uses for the Battle Tower system is used; So if you arrive with a team that exceeds level 50, you will not be able to access it, and you will have to form a new temporary half team to help you overcome that part. It is not the entire League, just 3 matches from one stage of this.
    It wasn’t on purpose, it just wasn’t detected during development.
  • When a different back sprite than the main one is used, a paddle bug is generated when the Pokéball is thrown: Error in the routine to change the back sprite (this is even the result after a fix).
  • When a mugshot is activated after a loading image or after a multichoice, the background of the mugshot appears loading fragments of these
  • The image of the Pokemon description in the Pokedex when captured is defective
  • When starting a new game, it’s important to make sure you delete the old .sav; Otherwise the new game will have the same name and gender of the character from the previous game; regardless of your choice at the beginning.
  • The mini sprites of the new PKMN (more than third generation) look black when you enter the attack detail menu. Graphic error without major significance.
  • When a Pokemon with abilities to absorb certain types of moves (water, electricity, fire, etc.) is hit by a new attack of that type, the text indicating that it absorbed the attack will appear with strange characters, because the ability does not recognize the new ones. attacks. But this does not generate any additional impact.
  • New attacks such as “back and forth” and “voltchange” have certain flaws: For example, if voltchange is performed on a ground Pokemon, it will not hurt it but will allow the Pokémon to be changed.

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