The Bible Game ROM

The Bible Game rom
When focusing on the main objectives, The Bible Game is about 1 Hour in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 2 Hours to obtain 100% completion.
Start at final levelZFTVLCCLLHN
Start at Level 2DCBGMHQCRVL
Start at Level 3FSQVLBJQTXH
Start at Level 4RZFWPWKRVQN
Start at Level 5MVMWBFGFCVN
Start at Level 6BHXVGWDQCVN

You can download the The Bible Game rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

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Download the official The Bible Game ROM in the (USA) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBA ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the The Bible Game ROM or GBA file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

Additional Information

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The Bible Game is a Christian party game developed by Mass Media and published by Crave Entertainment. It is aimed at Christians and is “family-friendly.” There are a variety of trivia questions related to the Old Testament. The main two modes are “TV Game Show” and “Challenge Games.” The latter lets players choose any minigame. 20 mini- and micro-games with 1,500 questions reinforce inspirational Old Testament teachings such as Jonah and the Whale, David and Goliath, The Tower of Babel, and many more.

Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players encourages family members of all ages to play together, and provides a fun alternative for family game nights. In the Game Boy Advance version players explore different maps searching for demons. When the player finds one, they must hit the demon with their Bible. At this point the demon challenges the player to Bible trivia in exchange for a piece of key (which opens the end level destination, the church).

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The Bible Game

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North America: October 30, 2005




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