Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour ROM

Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour rom

When focusing on the main objectives, Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour is about 1 Hour in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 3 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour features 13 raceways based on popular WALT DISNEY WORLD Theme Parks and Water Parks.

CharacterHow to Unlock
Play as Jiminy CricketCollect every piece of the Fireworks Machine in Adventure Mode
Play as Ned ShredbetterCollect all 9 Gold Cups from the Trophy Challenges in Adventure Mode
Play as X.U.D. 71Collect all 8 Magic Fairies on each race in Adventure Mode

You can download the Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

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Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour is a 2000 go-kart racing video game based on attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort. Players compete in races on tracks inspired by attractions such as the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

To acquire missing parts for the park’s fireworks machine, which was accidentally destroyed by Chip ‘n’ Dale while they were gathering acorns. The game was developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive. The Game Boy Color version was developed by Silent Software. The game consists of normal kart racing gameplay, racing in three-lap races.

Tracks were inspired by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Blizzard Beach, Dinosaur, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, the Haunted Mansion, the Jungle Cruise, Tomorrowland Speedway, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean to win parts for the fireworks machine in the game’s story mode. Completing the story will also unlock a track inspired by Splash Mountain.

However, on tracks inspired by Test Track, Typhoon Lagoon, and Hollywood Studios, players must collect thirty coins around the driving areas of these tracks within four minutes in order to complete their events. With the exceptions of Chip, Dale (both of whom appear in their Rescue Rangers outfits), and Jiminy Cricket, the game’s playable characters are original characters made for the game.

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Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour

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North America: December 7, 2000
Europe: December 15, 2000




Silent Software Inc.


Game Boy Color


USA, Europe


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