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Yu-Gi-Oh POKeDUEL rom
When focusing on the main objectives, Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel is about 25 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 40 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by GuilhermeRM based on Pokemon FireRed in English. All Pokemon were replaced with iconic Yu-Gi-Oh monsters (316 in total), Pokemon mechanics up to Gen 9, music from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and much more!

You can download the Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel rom from this page and to play the game you need to download the Visualboy Advance Emulator here.

You need to download and install Visual Boy Advance and then load the rom.

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Additional Information


Yu-Gi-Oh POKeDUEL is a GBA Rom Hack by ortz3 based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. It was last updated on March 02, 2024.

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Plot Details

Keep an eye out, because there are also many Yu-Gi-Oh characters throughout the region ready to challenge you in a duel! NPC’s throughout the region will also make enjoyable references to the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and trading card game. There are currently around 316 monsters, with plenty more to come in future iterations.


  • All Pokemon were replaced with iconic Yu-Gi-Oh monsters (316 in total)
  • Pokemon mechanics up to gen 9 (Moves, Abilities, DexNav, Fairy Type and more)
  • Multiple difficulties settings, Minimal Grind Mode, Randomizer, Smart AI, Sandbox and more
  • All Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Champion were replaced with Yu-Gi-Oh characters
  • NPC’s throughout the region have their dialogue updated in order to make references to the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and trading card game
  • New maps
  • Many Yu-Gi-Oh characters are spread throughout the region for you to battle
  • Music from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime
  • 70+ Custom Moves
  • Tons of QOL features




  • Added Duelist Kingdom
    • Available after 5th gym
    • If event trigger is missed (for existing playthroughs), can still access by visiting new house in Vermilion City
  • Added Graveyard to Lavender Town
  • Added Egg move tutor in Lavender Town
    •  Available after obtaining 6 Gym Badges
  •  Infinite Rare Candies can be enabled/diasbled by speaking to Rolland
  •  Level Cap Changes
    •  Level Cap before Rare Hunter Base increased from Level 30 to 32
    •  Level Cap before Celadon Gym increased from Level 36 to 37
    •  Added new Level cap of 40 before rival fight in Pokemon Tower
    •  Level Cap before Fuschia Gym increased from 48 to 50
    •  Level Cap before Fuschia Hideout increased from 50 to 52
    •  Level Cap before Cinnabar Gym increased from 52 to 55
    •  Level Cap before Viridian Gym increased from 56 to 59
    •  Level Cap before DM League icnreased from Level 63 to 67
    •  Level Cap before GX League increased from Level 70 to 75
    •  Gym leaders/surrounding boss fights have levels increased by a couple levels to account for level cap changes
  •  Can throw Pokeballs at wild monsters by pressing L button. 
    •  The ball will default to the best ball to use in the situation (not including master ball)
  •  Added a New Menu by pressing “L”
    •  This menu allows you to
      •  Turn On/Off Auto Run
      •  Enable/Disable Infinite Repel
      •  Heal Team
      •  Move Relearner (after Celadon Gym Badge)
  •  Added friendship heart to monster summary page
  •  Added an NPC in Celadon City that lets you battle against yourself
    •  Available after becoming Duel Monster Champion
  •  Dexnav can now be used while player is running
  •  Mini Boss Battles can be turned on/off by speaking to Rolland
    •  Can not turn off on Brutal difficulty
    •  If turned off, no boss music will play and teams will become vanilla
  •  Added a new game setting (speak to Rolland): AI Control
    •  If turned on, the AI will control your actions in all trainer battles


New Monsters Added (28)

  •  Dark Ruler Ha Des
  •  Dark King of the Abyss
  •  Evil Hero Infernal Wing
  •  Air Neos
  •  Grand Neos
  •  Dark Neos
  •  Zera the Mant
  •  Vampire Lady
  •  Vampire Grace
  •  Eldlich
  •  Reaper of the Cards
  •  Killer Needle
  •  Armored Bee
  •  KairyuShin
  •  Ocean Dragon Lord Kairyu Shin
  •  13th Grave
  •  Pendulum Machine
  •  Doom Kraken
  •  King of Yamimakai
  •  Amazoness Princess
  •  Amazoness Queen
  •  Cyber Harpie Lady
  •  Cyber Slash Harpie Lady
  •  Harpie Queen
  •  Victory Dragon
  •  Happy Lover
  •  Shining Friendship
  •  Avatar of the Pot


  • Trainer Changes
  • 30 New Custom Moves
  • Added Gen 8/9 Moves (13)
  • Added Gen 9 DLC Moves (8)
  • Added Gen 8/9 Abilities (3)
  •  Added Custom Abilities

    •  Yami Surge 
      •  Summons Yami for 5 turns
    •  Harpie Surge
      •  Summons Harpies Hunting Ground for 5 turns
  • New Mini Boss Battles (2)
  • Monster Changes
  • and much more



  • Can now nickname monsters directly from the party screen
  • Added a new setting that lets you toggle Dexnav settings. Speak to Rolland to adjust
    • Default: Dexnav only shows monsters you’ve encountered before
    • Show All: Dexnav will show all monsters on each route regardless if you’ve encountered them before
  • Dexnaving in caves and on the water no longer requires you to chase the monster around
  • Nature Changer is now in every Pokecenter
  • Added a Portable PC (after obtaining Dexnav)
    • Not usable in DM/GX League
  • Increased Level cap from 54 to 56 before 8th Gym
  • Improved randomizer
    • More “randomness” added to ability and learnset randomizers
      • Before there was 1:1 switch, i.e. guts would randomize into intimidate for all guts users, ember into growl for all ember users. This is no longer the case
    • Move relearner will now show randomized learnsets
    • Improved randomized monster algorithm which significantly reduces the number of duplicate monsters
  • Eviolite/Eviomite now prevents evolutions for the holder
  • Changes made to Sandbox Mode
    • Can now switch monsters to their Hidden Ability
    • Access to free Ability Pills

New Monsters Added (13)

  • Armoured Basic Insect with Laser Cannon
  • Insect Princess
  • Orgoth the Relentless 
  • Luster Dragon 
  • Luster Dragon #2 
  • Diamond Head Dragon
  • Lord of D 
  • King of D
  • Aligator Sword Dragon
  • Snow Dragon
  • Snowdust Dragon
  • White Night Dragon
  • Rescue Rabbit 



  • Game Changes:
  • Remade game from scratch using the Complete Fire Red Upgrade Engine!!!
  • Pokemon features up to gen 8 added to the game including moves, abilities, items, physical/special split, dexnav
  • Advanced AI
  • Tons of quality of life improvements thanks to CFRU
  • Built in optional level cap
  • Added Fairy Type
  • Added 3 Difficulties to choose from (Standard, Hard and Brutal)
  • Minimal Grinding Mode
  • Added built in Randomizer
  • Option to play with infinite Rare Candies
  • Changes to main story line
  • Added new League
  • Gym Leader rematches
  • ~40+ new monsters
  • More custom moves
  • More changes to maps/custom events
  • Trainer house to easily EV train your team
  • Updated sprites for some of the trainers
  • So much more

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Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel

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